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Mini Vascular Conditioner

Mini Vascular Conditioner


This device was developed for people who have the objective of moving their device on trips or from their home to work, without ceasing to do their exercise, its difference between the vascular conditioner is the way to practice, that in the vascular conditioner you perform the 4 limbs (Legs and arms at the same time), and in the Mini Conditioner you do it in stages, first the legs, then the arms, and if necessary, complementary exercises for men in the thigh region, activating the circulation of the prostate and reproductive system and in the women, the uterus and reproductive system.

Electromechanical device developed by Prof. Pedro Makiyama, to facilitate the practice of the Capillary Vessel exercise, this exercise, which was introduced to the western world by “NISHI” medicine, a Japanese alternative medicine. Having as main objective, to treat or prevent people with acute or chronic vascular problems, such as: varicose veins, numbness, spills, arterial hypertension, arterial hypotension, people with stroke sequelae, myocardial infarction, sclerosis in general and neurological problems.

Exercise is passive, it does not cause any physical or cardiac effort.

5 minutes of exercise is equivalent to 5 km of walking in circulatory benefit, not muscular, as it does not cause effort.

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  • Guarantee

    • The Appliance is sent in the appropriate voltage to the customer 110V or 220V,
    • It has a 6 month warranty, less against engine burnout due to wrong voltage connection.
  • contraindications

    • It is contraindicated to use for people with surgeries still in the healing phase (with stitches), or fractured in the immobilization phase. Totally recommended after these phases, for a quick and healthy recovery.
  • special discounts

    Contact us directly for more information, discounts on purchase and shipping.

    Alice Makiyama - (15)-99727-8696

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