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Prof. Pedro Makiyama

In the 1980s, Prof. Pedro Makiyama, began his career in the health area, founding our company SOS Saúde Alternativa. Self-taught in Medicine As an alternative, he worked professionally with physical treatments based on healthy foods and exercises, teaching classes, courses, lectures and consultations. Over the years, he realized that he would have to treat the cause of the problem or disease and then recover the individual's health, if there was this need, he studied for more than ten years, with great dedication, and developed the ATPP System (Approach, Transformation, and Programação do Preconsciente), published his book "I am the cause and solution of my problems" and developed the electromechanical devices, Vascular Conditioner and Mini Vascular Conditioner. He worked in several segments and in several countries, with the objective of expanding this technique and benefit to the largest number of people, training therapists who continue his legacy to this day.

Dr. Paulo Makiyama

I have a degree in Physiotherapy and a therapist accredited to the ATPP System, during my life I dedicated myself to the fullest wherever I went, hospitals, health centers, clinics and specialized centers, always together with the work developed by my father, Prof. Pedro Makyama.

Today, at the head of all the work developed by him, with the support of my team and my family, I teach courses, lectures and consultations, focused on the ATPP system, working separately as a physiotherapist, maintaining the same guidelines and qualities of our system, counting on even better results due to the advancement of technologies, so that we can bring this benefit to you and keep this legacy alive.


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