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"I am the cause and solution of my problems" book

"I am the cause and solution of my problems" book


The book "I am the cause and solution of my problems", written by the renowned Professor and creator of the ATPP system (Approach, Transformation and Programming of the Preconscious), addresses the physical and psychological side of the human being, techniques, treatments and a way of simple and direct language of how you master your feelings and activate all the power of your psychological in your favor, to have a healthy and happy life.

Its content and the treatments described herein are not intended to replace other forms of conventional treatments.

As mentioned, the author, publisher and distributor are exempt from liability in the face of erroneous interpretations and practices that result in unwanted consequences.

People interested in deepening their knowledge of this alternative method can directly hire specialized therapists accredited to the ATPP system for individual guidance or courses.

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